BROOKLYN, NY, May 27, 2019 (Brooklyn Paper) — Three cheers for Dumbo company PunkinFutz, which makes innovative therapeutic play products for children with adaptive needs.

The company launched in 2016 and the organization manufactures products that address either physical, emotional, developmental, or sensory needs, such as anxiety, and attention and body awareness. The company started when the founder was trying to find creative solutions for her own kids’ adaptive needs.

“As a mom of two thriving children with adaptive needs, I am so inspired every day to make a positive difference for them and others who can benefit from our products’ mission-driven production.” said Lisa Radcliffe.

The company has made some nifty creations that kids of all abilities can use and express themselves with, such as an accessible bag for wheelchairs that allows young ’uns to keep valuables — such as inhalers, school identification, wallet, and cellphones — close at hand.

It has also made several sensory play products and a deep compression vest that stays cool, adjusts for a good fit, and playfully helps kids stay calm and focused.

The products are manufactured in the United States by adults in adaptive and supportive workplaces, which also provides employment for people with special needs in the future, according to Radcliffe.

“By hiring from the community we serve, we not only develop excellent products for children today, but also create meaningful employment for our children tomorrow,” she said.

— Kevin Duggan
Brooklyn Paper