Our PunkinTesters come from all over the country. These OTs, PTs & teachers test our products and provide valuable feedback to our team. They tell us things like “this part should have a loop on it” and “what were you thinking?!” All our products are PunkinTested to make sure you, the PunkinUser, are 100% satisfied (and hopefully in love) with our products.

See what they have to say…

Breanna – OTR/L

Havasu City, AZ

Occupational Therapist
Motor team lead at Milemarkers

“Many of our kids are non-verbal or have poor interoceptive sense. They cannot let us know when they are overheated, so we sometimes find out they are too warm based on their behavioral reactions. These vests did not cause kids to overheat, which is a huge plus compared to other vests we have tried.”

Erin – M.S., OTR/L

San Diego, CA

Owner of yOTga
Certified Special Needs Yoga Instructor

“My kiddos love to put on their superhero cape to access their unique superpowers. We fly around like superheros, jump & crash into pillows, work on superhero fine motor projects or perform superhero yoga poses!”

Jessica – MOTR/L

Rexburg, ID

Occupational Therapist
Rehab Specialists of Idaho

“I love that all of the products work together.”

Nick – OTR/L (and his wife, Sarah!)

Layton, UT

Innovations, LLC
President/Occupational Therapist

“I loved the activity idea with the cards and we play it almost every session!”

Tiffani – Preschool Teacher

Brooklyn, NY

Teacher at Dillon Child Study Center
Mother of 5 yr old with ASD

“The PunkinHug has been a game-changer for Raehn (son)! It has empowered him to get the sensory input he is seeking on his own. Its deep compression provides him with the level of pressure he needs to focus & calm himself, while the kid-friendly design allows him to choose when and how to use it… We have one at home and one at school, so he’s never without his PunkinHug.”