Our compression vest provides the same calming effect as a hug. As a component of touch therapy, consistent moderate-to-deep pressure has been shown to have beneficial effects for both adults and children with anxiety, ADHD, and Autism spectrum disorders.* A PunkinHug is a great way to calm and relax, especially for stimulation-sensitive individuals.

Only available from PunkinFutz, our patented compression vest is not made of neoprene, so it does not encourage overheating like other compression vests on the market. In addition, ours has super fun creative play options for younger children or stealth-mode all-black styling for teens and adults.

Super soft loop exterior, all things Velcro® to “stick” to it. Start with our included Velcoins® to attach whatever you want to keep close, whether a favorite toy or meaningful medal. Explore the many DIY and accessories options for creating a one-of-a-kind, ever-changing therapeutic play vest your punkin will actually want to wear!

p.s. check out XL option for adults, too!