Herkimer Industries

Location: Herkimer, NY

Established: 1969

Percentage of Adaptive Employees: 60% (our products)

Products they make for us:

  • PunkinHug
  • PunkinPlaySpace
  • Marble Maze

Fun Facts

  • Launched as a day camp for 20 children in 1969 and now supports over 800 individuals, along with their families.
  • Initially 3 staff members were employed through donations. They now have almost 400 employees.
  • Completed their fully accessible Arc Park in June 2017.
  • In 2019 the award-winning nonprofit is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

A Word from Us

We LOVE working with Herkimer Industries. They pay attention to detail, are on top of everything and are a delight to work with. When their production started coming in, we couldn’t believe the quality! It was practically perfect. It reaffirmed our stance on adaptive workplaces- they make our products better. This do-it-all facility employs over 125 reliable workers, including individuals with disabilities supported by nondisabled employees.

A Word from Them

Tessa Daley, the Industrial Sewing Services Supervisor, says, “The team really likes working on PunkinFutz products, which are colorful and fun. PunkinFutz production puts our entire team of 16 people, including supervisors, to work and the quality end product reflects the pride the team feels about working together. We have a great relationship with Punkinfutz, and after initial communications and sharing samples amongst both companies, we were very pleased that we could further help them with customization and finalize wonderful products.”