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We first met Camille at The New York State Occupational Therapy conference 2018! At the time, she was still an OT student at SUNY Buffalo (also known as The University at Buffalo). Camille was so passionate and obviously ready to be doing “the real thing”. We could just feel it! She has always been extremely professional and innovative at conferences and eventually becoming a dear friend of the company. We are beyond proud of Camille’s success two years later and all of her accomplishments; from marriage, to receiving her Masters in Occupational Therapy and actively working in the field.

Camille Crayton-Muir

Camille Crayton-Muir

Camille Crayton-Muir is an occupational therapist based in New York City. She received her Masters in OT at the University at Buffalo and that is where her love for serving others grew. She currently works with children aged 3-5 in the preschool setting. She loves working with children because they are so fun, and she has a great opportunity to build her creativity. Along with working with children, she loves learning and educating others about the wonders of OT. She strongly believes that OTs have such a wealth of knowledge and there is a space for them in every context.

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When in doubt, make it work! During this pandemic, parents and therapist are experiencing a lack of contact and resources that we would typically use in our usual settings. Think of the greatest strengths of your student and/or parent and work from there. Find fun and innovative ways to use things around the house, show empathy, and communicate well with parents. We have such a range of information and skills, it’s time to put them to use!