PunkinFutz, a designer and manufacturer of therapeutic play products for kids, received five awards from Creative Child Magazine, including the Creative Play of the Year Award and Kids Product of the Year Award. PunkinFutz is focused on the social, emotional, educational, and therapeutic value of creative play supporting a child’s choice-making and self-expression. All PunkinFutz products are made in the United States in adaptive and inclusive work environments, supporting our dynamic community of adults.

PunkinFutz launched its innovative, child-centric, sensory play system in 2017 with six new products intended for ages 3+. The PunkinPitch + PunkinHug, a safe and sensory friendly version of ‘paint ball’ that pairs the therapeutic benefits of the PunkinHug Compression Vest with an interactive play accessory, was awarded the coveted Creative Play and Kids Product of the Year awards from Creative Child Magazine. Three additional items from PunkinFutz’s sensory play line including the Marble MazePunkinPals, and PunkinStarsalso received honorary awards from Creative Child Magazine.

“We think of all our products as loose parts to encourage individualized, creative play and choice-making, which is essential to development for all children,” said Lisa Radcliffe, PunkinFutz founder and chief executive officer. “We’re so honored to have received five awards from Creative Child Magazine which truly speak to the heart of PunkinFutz.”

Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by parents, educators and early education professionals. Therefore, each product is reviewed by the very people who would purchase them, making it a true honor to receive these awards.

These awards come on the heels of PunkinFutz winning four awards last year, two from Creative Child Magazine for the PunkinPakand PunkinPie products. The Tillywig Toy Awards also named the PunkinPitch + PunkinHugs and the PunkinPals two of their favorite products going into 2018.

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