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    PunkinFutz your gear! Make everyday fun by adding our characters to your backpacks, clothes, jackets, whatever makes you happy! Our heat-applied, high-quality patches let you add PunkinKin wherever whenever you want. Who do you want to be today? Show us with your original use of a PunkinPatch! Each set has 3 patches. For best results, patches may be sewn on.

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    The Minis are Here!! Your favorite PunkinFutz kin in smaller sizes! There’s one of each:

    • Mini Blue Zuggey 1-1/2 inches tall and 1-3/8 inches wide
    • Mini Pink and Green Robbit 1-1/2 inches tall by 1-1/4 inches wide
    • Mini Purple Hugging Monktopus (in a pink circle) 1-1/2 inches across

    PRODUCT TO BE APPLIED BY ADULTS ONLY. DANGEROUSLY HIGH HEAT REQUIRED. Use an appropriate heat-resistant surface and standard household iron set it to high heat, no steam. Press for 20-30 seconds. If using a heat press, set to 375 degrees press for 18-25 seconds.   Allow patch and fabric to cool completely before use. WARNING: HOT ADHESIVE CAN CAUSE SEVERE BURNS



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