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Kick Pants

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    The first time our daughter tried these pants on at a holiday boutique in Grand Central Station 16 years ago, we knew they were special. Created by Brooklyn designer, Linda Brady, our daughter calls these Kick Pants because of the way they move when she walks. When she puts them on, she walks differently. She struts. She holds her head up. It’s an incredible transformation. With that small change, we realized how empowering an external accessory can be – a declaration to the world. The unexpected long bells at the bottom transform these pants into a vehicle for self-expression and self-confidence. Our daughter receives endless compliments on her kick pants and we are not sure if it is because of the pants or how she wears them. When we decided to create PunkinFutz, we wanted to share all the magical products we had found through the years. So here is our twist on Kick Pants made by Linda Brady just for PunkinFutz and you.

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    • Elastic waist band, no zippers, belts, snaps or buttons!
    • The softest crushed velvet
    • Stretchy comfort for all body types
    • Fits over orthotics and prosthetics
    • Easy wash and wear
    • Exclusive PunkinFutz patches
    • Shimmering colors



    Green Glitter, Power Pink, Purple Passion


    6, 8, 10

    Size Chart

    Small Medium Large Extra Large
    Age 3 - 5 6 - 8 9 - 12 13 - 15


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