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When we brought our production to Helena Industries, we found the perfect partnership. Their Benchmark Team has the skillsets to produce our bags and their workforce is fully inclusive, with a broad range of adaptive and supportive services. What we didn’t realize at the time was how much extra Helena Industries would bring to PunkinFutz! From the very start, they worked with us to make our products better. They were not only part of the production team, but part of the design team, too. Their recommendations have included reinforced interior bindings, streamlined construction patterns and fabrication improvements. Their defect rate is nearly non-existent. They have filled every commitment and beaten every deadline. And the quality of their craftsmanship is exceptional. It’s clear that they are also a mission-driven team. The results are evident in every accessible bag we sell.

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We always knew that producing in the United States in supportive and inclusive workplaces was part of our mission. We have an adult child who requires meaningful work in an inclusive environment. If our child needs that support, so do many others. So we set out to create a broad range of jobs, from design to production to marketing to customer service, and required they be performed in inclusive workplaces, whether our own or outsourced. We are building toward the future we envision for our own child.

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“The Benchmark Team is thrilled to be a part of PunkinFutz. Delivering excellent products makes our team members feel good about themselves. Working with PunkinFutz connects us with people all over the country and we like that we are helping make PunkinPies and PunkinPouches for people with adaptive needs, just like us. We very much appreciate the opportunity that PunkinFutz has given to Helena Industries!” – The Benchmark Team

Kathleen, shown here with our PunkinPies, is one member of the hard-working Benchmark Team. In addition to working on our products, Kathleen does a variety of assembly tasks, volunteers at a local grade school reading to students, and is involved in the Westmont Cheer Squad.

Helena Industries’ mission is To provide vocational and rehabilitative services utilizing real work, related services and individualized resources to empower persons with disabilities to lead productive and fulfilling lives in their communities. Learn more about Helena Industries and the Benchmark Team at https://www.helenaindustries.org/

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Kathleen with our PunkinPies at Helena Industries