Location: New York, NY

Established: 1914

People served annually: 34,000

What they do:

  • Package all PunkinFutz products & make our PunkinPitch balls

Fun Facts

• Started as the Catholic Guardian Society of Brooklyn and assisted over 5,000 orphaned children
upon their release from childcare institutions and orphanages.
• HeartShare’s Queen Day Habilitation Program in Bayside, Queens was the first Day Hab in NYC.
• Currently employs 2,100 people who assist over 34,00 individuals a year, including those with disabilities
& their families.
• Offers 100+ Program sites throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island

A Word from Us

We believe everyone has a superpower. Each one of our employees from Heartshare has a unique
superpower – whether it’s quality control or winding our PunkinPitch balls – they excel and we couldn’t
do it without them.

A Word from Them

HeartShare and its Family of Services always believe in the power of human potential. We believe that
all people have the ability to learn, to attain greater independence and to shape their own futures.
HeartShare Human Services of New York nurtures and empowers children and adults with intellectual
and developmental disabilities, such as autism, Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy and supports their