Allied Industries/
The Resource Center

Location: Jamestown, NY

Established: 1959

Percentage of Adaptive Employees: 90%

Products they make for us:

  • PunkinPies

“I love what I do every day, and it’s because of the people we support & the people I’ve been honored to work with.”

-John DePane, staff development specialist with 35 years of service at TRC

Fun Facts

• Started by parents & doctors’ wives, frustrated at the lack of available services for their community.
• Began in 1959 as a volunteer organization serving 9 children in a borrowed classroom.
• Currently one of Chautauqua County’s largest employers with1,700 employees on its payroll.
• In 2019, they are proudly celebrating their 60th-year anniversary.

A Word from Us

We felt so welcome on our 1st visit to Allied Industries. After a meeting with the key people working on
our products we had a tour of the entire 3 floor building (72,000 sq ft!). They do so much, and they do it
better than your run-of-the-mill non-inclusive facility. Everyone cares, about the product and the
people, and it shows.

A Word from Them

Our mission is to help people with disabilities achieve maximum independence, contribute to their
communities, experience lifelong growth and enjoy a high quality of life. One of the ways we do that
is by helping people—who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to work—secure meaningful
employment. We teach them the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Then we put them to
work in one of our manufacturing facilities or help them find competitive jobs in the community.

Photos to come!