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Blue Manual Wheelchair Bag with Monktopus Patch


Style your ride! PunkinPies carry inhalers, wallets, ID cards, catheters, EpiPens – anything you need to keep close at hand. Designed especially for manual wheelchairs, a PunkinPie will also work on walkers, scooters, strollers, bicycles, carts….Where will you use your PunkinPie?

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  • Patented
  • water resistant
  • highly reflective, using fabrics created for the US Military and first responders
  • quality craftsmanship
  • easy access wide-pull zippers
  • commercial grade construction for rugged use
  • washable


  • fits standard manual wheel sizes: 20” 7-spoke, 22” 8-spoke, 24” 8-spoke, 
24” 9-spoke, and 20”-24” wire multi-spoke wheel configurations
  • fits all 25”-40” scooter varieties, most walkers and the front handlebar column of most bicycles
  • outside PunkinPie dimensions: 9 ¼ inches high by 8 inches wide
  • fits iPhone 5 and 6 with a case and 6S, without a case


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