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We’re On a Mission…


PunkinFutz seeks to make every day more personal, purposeful and colorful for all kids, and their parents!

We’re a social venture dedicated to enriching the lives of people in the community we serve.

Our lifestyle brand is committed to promoting growth and self-expression for children and adults across a broad range of abilities and needs.

About Us

Founded by parents David and Lisa to address the lack of fun, affordable accessories and toys made using universal design, part of the PunkinFutz mission is to build products to meet many physical and emotional needs. By partnering with occupational therapists early in the design process, our products enable children to explore their own world in their own way.

Join us as we dream in full color!

Manufacturing That Makes a Difference

PunkinFutz products are made with intention!

Using socially conscious, responsible manufacturing and supply chain channels, we’re committed to doing things differently—from our product design and creation all the way through development and sales.

PunkinFutz Seal of Approval
PunkinFutz character holding earth ballon

We use environmentally responsible practices, premium fabrics and tested materials in each of our products. Manufactured at companies such as Helena Industries in Helena, Montana, we’re dedicated to producing domestically and partnering with companies that specifically employ adults with a wide range of abilities.

We remain committed to benefiting our community and supporting its future.

Partnering with PunkinFutz

PunkinFutz is working towards creating a publicly celebrated image of our diverse community.

If you’re a retailer, strategic partner, designer or brand ambassador who shares our mission, let’s start a conversation!


Our partners share our commitment to enriching the lives of people in the community we serve.

Helena Industries
Helena Industries serves over 900 people with significant disabilities. We offer employment in manufacturing, service and retail business as well as provide counseling, job coaching, placement and case management. We recognize and develop a person’s talents, creating the opportunity for people with disabilities to lead productive, fulfilled and joyful lives.

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